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A Poem on my views against the concept of Socialism
Published on February 10, 2005 By Xiozan In Politics
I am NOT my Brother's Keeper
By Count Xiozan

I am not my Brother's Keeper-
Nor he mine-
Though yet we love each other
We make our own way in life
I support my family through monetary means
and he does as well
I ask for no money from him
Nor does he ask I
Apart we struggle but without the easy way out
we thrive
and are better for the experience -

I invent new ways to live my life better
at the same time I seek profit from this
I must support my family
My brother does the same -

A man came along one day
And told us there was a better way
He said we should share more than love
WE should be WE and no ME
that all money was for WE
And no money for ME
Foolishly we bought into this scam
sold by this man
And though we tried to strive
we only died as WE

Instead WE should have stayed me and he
Sailed our own ships for our own good
so that if one sunk the other was still good
but alas we climbed in the boat together
as the man suggested
WE heard the man laugh out:
You fools of the masses!!

So take heed from my words
and do not turn to the way of
the salesman
but live for yourself and love thy brother
but do not support his need
because he will grow not to stand on his own feet
as you both will struggle and die
For what other than a feel good treat!

on Feb 11, 2005
Sorry I disabled comments but I thought most people wouldn't comment anyways so why leave it open, well I decided just now to open it up to comments just in case anybody wanted to type something.

Also, more written material against Socialism can be found in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged or in the excerpts from her books in For the New Intellectual.

Anybody proposing socialism in my book is promoting the society and force and faith that in turn will kill off the intellectuals (because money is evil and everybody should be equal, etc.)
making the story of Ayn Rand's Anthem the eventual outcome.

The greatest words of evil that will turn a man into a panhandler who will compete with other panhandlers is:
"From Each According To His Ability,
To Each According To His Need!"
(By the by, the words are the basic tenet of socialism a political movement inspired by the faith to make the intellectual man hate himself again and hate his being a producer of wealth or purveyor of knowledge.)

- X