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February 20, 2006 by Xiozan
First post since...the last one...

Been busy pursuing what has been defined by the World as a B.A. in English Literature. It is actually both an enthralling pursuit in some places and a tedious one in others. The tedious part comes from the classes I have to take outside of literature classes.

Poetry and Literature are the order of the day everyday in my college exploits, but I do have to take other "Gen. Ed" and "Required" classes...such as BioAnthropology and other such little classes ...
April 11, 2005 by Xiozan
Blah blah blah!! LOL

- GX
February 27, 2005 by Xiozan
Discuss anything or ask questions?

I will try to answer and discuss back.

- Grim
February 10, 2005 by Xiozan
I used reason in poetry
By Count Xiozan

Reading a poem
I thought it would be more reasonable
to reason
with my mind of logic -
alas my license was taken
because the poetry made my logic ill
so they thought I was illogical
to endeavor in a such task -
In the end-
I reason - logic is -
A Sin
February 10, 2005 by Xiozan
I am NOT my Brother's Keeper
By Count Xiozan

I am not my Brother's Keeper-
Nor he mine-
Though yet we love each other
We make our own way in life
I support my family through monetary means
and he does as well
I ask for no money from him
Nor does he ask I
Apart we struggle but without the easy way out
we thrive
and are better for the experience -

I invent new ways to live my life better
at the same time I seek profit from this
I must support my family
My brother does the s...
February 5, 2005 by Grim Xiozan
Well History is sort of fun, though the tests in the class are killer, first part is a take home essay test, than the actual test is Multiple choice, coupled with short essay questions regarding identification of terms and answering short essay questions. Ugh!

Literary interpretation is picking up but soon we will be moving from Poetry to Literature (Hooray I quite dislike Poetry: an artwork of some and a tool for fools) as we delve into Henry James's book "Turn of the Screw".

As for the r...
January 26, 2005 by Grim Xiozan
Okay I said I would make it formal and all proper like but forget it this round!!

Anyways, I have watched episodes 1-5 (by the SARS fansubbing group) of Gokusen Live Action.

Gokusen is based on the Anime which is based on the manga and is good I must say.

For those not in the know Anime is Japanese Animation and Manga are the Japanese Comic Books.

Synopsis from Anime News Network

Fresh out of college, Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi becomes a math teacher at Shirokin high school. Unfor...
January 15, 2005 by Grim Xiozan
I watch Anime but I am not a rabid fan of Anime, because some stuff is good and some stuff just downright sucks!!

I am currently watching one ongoing series; one that is quite popular at the moment, this series is Naruto.
I recommend watching it and right now if you don't live in Japan or don't understand Japanese the best way to get it if you have a DSL or Cable connection is by using Bittorrent.
I recommend the fan subbing group ANBU after the initial Toryiyama World 50 episodes or so. Y...
January 14, 2005 by Grim Xiozan

Well it is my second day of classes and the Literary Interpretation class is proving interesting as we start right off the bat with interpreting Poems, which for those of you who don't know Poetry is not my forte I prefer Philosophy and Psychology. Though once my thinking faculties are activated I begin to understand and see what is meant by some of poetry but alas finer poetic grasps evade the edge of my reasoning, philosophical and psychological thought processes, ah well.

January 12, 2005 by Grim Xiozan
Well I polished off Ayn Rand's Anthem and having been reading the Basic Writings of both Nietzsche and Kant (good stuff but slow going). I recommend Anthem for anyone who wants to read a 100 page novella about a man who is born to a socialist state, the book is a good counterargument to socialism as well makes me use the word I more often than the word we.

Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy is something else but I figured I would read through it regardless since it paves the way into understanding...
December 28, 2004 by Grim Xiozan
Seasonal Job is over but right now I am busy with volunteering with the Red Cross and catching up on my philosophical / psychological reading: from Nietzsche to Plato, from Rand to Kant, from Jung to Reich, etc.

So, besides that I have been withdrawn from politics and everyday current affairs because I am on vacation...HA!

I know I was going to try to write something on Xiozan but with the fact that I am busy and reading up on the above I get too tired to think and write creatively enoug...
December 2, 2004 by Grim Xiozan
I am off and on because of crunch time in school, volunteering with the American Red Cross (yes that is right baby!!), and working a seasonal job at KB Toys (what can I say nice to have money for some fly threadz, haha, look at me I can type English like a teenager).

Though every time I have been on I have noticed a lot of anger being generated by those on the right and those on the left (equally or unequally I don't care).

My point is this: I would like people to take a step back before g...
November 29, 2004 by Grim Xiozan
Looking at CATO and I only wanted to post a little 'something something'.
Check it out, dawgs!!


- Grim
November 22, 2004 by Grim Xiozan
I may pop in a few comments here and there but don't expect any posts from your's truly because I am out for the rest of the week because I am tired and cranky, plus I think my diaper needs changing!!


Oh, I did finally get my new Laibach CD in today, Laibach's Anthems, good stuff for Laibach fans!!
Also, picked up 'Blood of Heroes' (or Something something Jugger for those in Australia), which is a favorite movie of mine.
Can't think of anything else to...
November 20, 2004 by Grim Xiozan
Yesterday when I went to see the new Pixar movie, the Incredibles, (which if you like Pixar movies this one in my opinion is their best work so far, from animation to music to overall character interaction to storyline) and I saw a movie poster advert for "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".

Normally, I don't get too upset at movie remakes because sometime they are good but this had Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and for me this was blasphemy.
To compare a comedian like Gene Wilder whose per...