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Short Story working title: Admiral Halshom and the Tresklos Incident
Published on February 5, 2005 By Grim Xiozan In Blogging
Well History is sort of fun, though the tests in the class are killer, first part is a take home essay test, than the actual test is Multiple choice, coupled with short essay questions regarding identification of terms and answering short essay questions. Ugh!

Literary interpretation is picking up but soon we will be moving from Poetry to Literature (Hooray I quite dislike Poetry: an artwork of some and a tool for fools) as we delve into Henry James's book "Turn of the Screw".

As for the rest I have just been living life and reading books to increase my knowledge, trying to decide on what I should do with my life and filling in where needed as a Red Cross Volunteer.

Anyways here is a small preview to a new short story idea I have thought of that introduces readers to the Universe of Xiozan (the fiction character of where I take my name from) as I try to make the whole fiction experience into an engrossing epic of heroes, heroines, villains, life, death, chaos, order, those who fight to survive, and those who fight to dominate, etc.

On with the preview:

In the Octavian Standard Year (OSY) of 4958 there was an incident at the solar system of Tresklos that involved one Red Star Admiral Dasek Halshom and his ship the Universal Imperial Ship (UIS) Beklowd, a Bruno Class Corvette that has seen action in both the Battle of Valcron and even the Battle of Galax.

The following is recorded from the logs of the UIS Beklowd and Admiral Halshom's account of the incident:

Upon a routine patrol we set out from our port that was in orbit over Dectavia, the Tenth Planet of the Octavian Universal Empire and the planet renowned as the planet of ice and cold. We had taken on provisions need for the patrol, which unlike previous times was made longer by the fact that a new system was added to our list of patrolled solar systems to investigate for possible colonization planets, new life, or any incursions from enemy forces, but mostly for new life because to win a war against they enemy we faced I knew as did all my superiors even up to the throne of obsidian that we need allies to fight a war against him and his forces. Though lest I trod further into already common knowledge I will say this that probe data delivered to us about this new system seemed promising indeed.

This new system was named Tresklos because of the obvious resemblance to the older Tresklos system that was destroyed by him and the Battle of Galax. Reports of life were intermittent at best since after all the probes were meant to scan the system for planets and potential space hazards such as black holes, supernovas, and other phenomena. Obviously several planets system could sustain life for our race but only one planets was noted as being able to sustain life for any remnants of the Galaxian race, though even to my knowledge we knew none could still be left after he got through with them. Though I relished the chance to investigate that planet for remnants regardless because there were rumors that before the Galaxian Homeworld fell several Galaxians were able to escape but they escaped altogether from our side of the Universe to forever be outside his grasp. Though that was long ago during the dawn of Octavian civilization that the Battle of Galax took place.

When we entered the system we examined the first planet and it seemed that it would be suitable for a staging point but that unlike Dectavia this planet was pretty much just made up of ice making it useless as a planet for colonization since an atmosphere could not be cultivated for the planet that could sustain Octavian life thus only good for a staging point for the military.

As we proceeded... To Be Continued

Later for now!!
- Grim

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