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Nothing else better to do and plus most people will not reply anyway so what the hell Anime Review time!!
Published on January 15, 2005 By Grim Xiozan In Entertainment
I watch Anime but I am not a rabid fan of Anime, because some stuff is good and some stuff just downright sucks!!

I am currently watching one ongoing series; one that is quite popular at the moment, this series is Naruto.
I recommend watching it and right now if you don't live in Japan or don't understand Japanese the best way to get it if you have a DSL or Cable connection is by using Bittorrent.
I recommend the fan subbing group ANBU after the initial Toryiyama World 50 episodes or so. Yes I said 50 because right now Naruto is up to episode 118.

Good series slow going and my favorite part does not come in until about the episode range of 60 when the Third Hokage fights with Orichimaru, or when Orichimaru does battle against the Perverted Hermit, heh heh.

Let me see other good series or ovas would be Chrno Crusade, Bleach, Beet the Vandel Buster, Bobobo, Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO(Both animated and Live Action), etc.

I do not really feel like putting much into this Anime review and will on my next attempt try to make it about one title or two with a complete full length review plus scoring at the end.

As for Adult Swim Anime:
Inyuyasha is okay, and Wolf Rain is kind of sucky for me (well next to its predecessor Cowboy Bebop anything would look sucky, right?) Big O is tired, Ghost in the Shell is awesome as always, Fullmetal Alchemist I have already seen in Japanese with English Subtitles, so I guess its Venture Brothers and Sealab for me since I have all three seasons of Aqua Teen so far waiting for Sealab season 2 and ATHF season 4 to come out to DVD.

Later for now,
Dusty Gonzagas...
Just kidding about the Dusty part...

- Grim

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