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Well I polished off Ayn Rand's Anthem and having been reading the Basic Writings of both Nietzsche and Kant (good stuff but slow going). I recommend Anthem for anyone who wants to read a 100 page novella about a man who is born to a socialist state, the book is a good counterargument to socialism as well makes me use the word I more often than the word we.

Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy is something else but I figured I would read through it regardless since it paves the way into understanding Nietzsche’s style and thought. Kant's Critique of Pure Reason is mind-blowing. I also today picked up along with the new edition of Fifth Element (which I did not already own) the book 'Varieties of Religious Experience' by William James, though I was also looking for the Basic Writings of Freud and Aristotle as well to add to my ever growing Philosophical / Psychological library.

Today I attended my first classes of this new semester and interesting so far though the Literary Interpretation course requires copious amounts of reading (go figure) and the History course is not too bad.

Well that is it for me, also eventually I will post some pictures of myself seeing as I have had a serious wardrobe change from wearing jeans and a t-shirt to wearing Ben Davis or Docker Khakis and Rockabilly shirts such as Steady, Daddy-Os, Spanish Harlem, Chochie Casuals, also Spanish shirts (i.e. Guayabera shirts). I never just wear a t-shirt anymore and I have let my hair grow out so I can comb it, I am sort of in the style of a 50's meets Hispanic, I figured I would stray away from the Goth look because too many posers and plus I need my own style, right? Even though Elvis and James Dean have inspired it a little bit.

My rockabilly shirts are all made in the United States and as such are priced around $30 to $50, the pants go for about $33 (but good ol' work pants meets khaki pants plus wide leg a.k.a. Gorilla Cut when you visit a Ben Davis Site).

The Spanish shirts were made in Vietnam and Korea (don't ask me...I thought for sure they would have been made in the Philippines at least).
Hmm, and they came from JC Penny....hmmm indeed.

Later for now,
'Cool Man' Grim

Links to sites with some clothes I wear: - 50's Retro Clothing: Mainly Steady and Daddy-O's brand for guys, different kinds of dresses for girls. Ordered from them and excellent service, though I have also gone to their store (which is about 40 - 50 minutes from where I live). Only downside is they don't carry Chochie Casual and Spanish Harlem, yet...for I will plant the seed for them to pick up that line or at least try if not resort to plan B. - Plan B, just ordered from them a Spanish Harlem Hound’s-tooth(?) shirt. Girls and Guys clothes - site for reasonably priced (or IMO great priced) Dockers, Levis, Ben Davis, Dickies, etc. Ordered three pairs of Ben Davis from them and had no problems. - All Ben Davis clothing with the Gorilla Cut pants same priced as Bargain Avenue, have not ordered from them. - Plan C, includes some good stuff for both Girls and Guys

on Jan 25, 2005
Hey Grim,

I have also purchased from and they have great clothing also. I really like their line of rock and roll clothing and lounge shirts also!