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I am off and on because of crunch time in school, volunteering with the American Red Cross (yes that is right baby!!), and working a seasonal job at KB Toys (what can I say nice to have money for some fly threadz, haha, look at me I can type English like a teenager).

Though every time I have been on I have noticed a lot of anger being generated by those on the right and those on the left (equally or unequally I don't care).

My point is this: I would like people to take a step back before getting upset at somebody who is typing (yes typing) their own view, I mean people these are words given from each other about issues that ultimately you and I have not a single magic wand to control with...we are expressing opinions not demands that will effect the offline world.

So, before you fly off the handle at a statement take a step back, take a break, take whatever time or hobby to cool your jets (LOL) come back and respond without any anger but in a clear, concise manner (well as close to clear and concise as possible) without anger.

Do we really need to turn JU into a war zone between the right and left with those in the middle, like myself, the other Libertarians, the Moderates and non-attackers being hurt (thought not always) as well.

Bring peace or sleep in pieces.

Well I tried to be clear and concise, ah well my intent is there and if by chance I pop in tomorrow I will expound on this further if necessary.

- Grim

on Dec 02, 2004
Great, sensible article, Grim. I have a mantra I repeat whenever I get steamed about something someone has typed: "Step away from the keyboard....step away from the keyboard...."

Looking forward to your next blog...
on Dec 02, 2004
Not flying off the handle is why so many people can tolerate me at the moment.... its a good strategy
on Dec 02, 2004
Good advice.

I'd also add the suggestion,

'if you don't have anything useful to say then don't say anything!'

The number of useless comments which people make, which have nothing to add to the article beign discussed, leading to raising of tempers is out of control. Far to many snide inflamatory comments going on. Many people obviously disagree with other articles but take the cheap useless derogatory comment approach rather than debating the point. This is particularly true on any articles to do with US politics.

on Dec 02, 2004
Of course people need to chill out a little bit but this is politics we're talking about. Politics tends to fire everybody up because of the importance of the issues discussed. I will agree with you that some people take things too far. But more than that what I've noticed is people taking themselves too seriously. I'm not not going to mention names here, but he rhymes with T_Bone4Justice. A good example of somebody taking themselves too seriously. He's one of those who will black list you if you disagree with them too much. And don't even bother trying to make him smile because he's made of glass. Let's not forget to learn to take a joke in stride and laugh a little bit. I've mentioned this before in another thread but in bears repeating. This is NOT the US Senate floor and we're not reaching any audience bigger than those who choose to come here and read. Nobody is going to hire anybody to write a book or do talk radio because of a blog entry.
on Dec 02, 2004
Thanks for the comments, and I agree with some with your suggestions.

People get upset over politics which happens because of the issue, but my point is that ultimately we are just expressing our opinions and as opinions are opinions we should not get to upset over a clash of opinions...after all if we all thought the same or had the same opinions what would be the point of typing or talking to another person?

Just remember you are unique just like everybody else.

- Grim
on Dec 02, 2004
after all if we all thought the same or had the same opinions what would be the point of typing or talking to another person?

That is a great point. Even though Democrats rankle me and I can't understand why they believe what they belive this place would be very boring if it were filled with people who thought exactly like me. Could you imagine posting things and just getting replies like "I agree" or "Yes, Daniel you're right, again". That would really be a bummer because when it comes to poltics my favortie people to talk with are people who disagree with me. It keeps me on my toes and though I am reluctant to admit it, I do learn some things from the opposition I wouldn't know otherwise.
on Dec 02, 2004
Appropriate article & point, Grim. Unfortunately, judging from subsequent posts, hasn't been particularly heeded.

on Dec 02, 2004
This is NOT the US Senate floor

At this rate, with all the hostility, pretty soon it will be

"Go F*ck yourself" -Dick Cheney

But I guess I shouldn't talk after what I just said about Moderateman in a reply to "the "other" coalition" (but, to be fair, he did bring it on himself).
on Dec 16, 2004
Daniel Ruoss, you were blacklisted after I repeatedly warned you stop your personal attacks and to act like a civil adult in my blog site. You are only 1 of 3 people I have EVER blacklisted from my blog and considering that my blog is the 8th most popular site on JU, that should tell you something about yourself and your behavior. It is behavior like yours that causes some of the more rational and sane bloggers to leave JU altogether.

On that note, Grim...I just wanted to let you know that as of today Dec. 14, 2004 I am no longer blogging at JU. I have moved my blog site to: Hope to see you around there. Ruoss...don't bother to come to my new blog because I will just blacklist you there as well.