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Published on November 22, 2004 By Grim Xiozan In Blogging
I may pop in a few comments here and there but don't expect any posts from your's truly because I am out for the rest of the week because I am tired and cranky, plus I think my diaper needs changing!!


Oh, I did finally get my new Laibach CD in today, Laibach's Anthems, good stuff for Laibach fans!!
Also, picked up 'Blood of Heroes' (or Something something Jugger for those in Australia), which is a favorite movie of mine.
Can't think of anything else to put.

Have you checked out the Xiozan saga preview yet? Oh well, I guess no feedback is GOOD feedback.
- Grim of House Grim out the land of Grim close to a river named Grim back behind a shrubbery named Ni, which is just a hop, skip and jump from Ikky-ikky pa-tang zoop!!

on Nov 22, 2004
TTFN!  Have fun!
on Nov 22, 2004
From this day forth shall I hither to be a Philosophical Skeptic on JU so that claims to knowledge go challenged.

...or I will try at least to do so.

- Grim, Philosophical Skeptic
I do not claim knowledge is possible; I do not claim knowledge is impossible; I merely insist you convince me you can justify or prove what you claim to be true. And, of course, it's not my fault if you can't succeed in doing so.
on Nov 22, 2004
Enjoy your break! We'll miss you.
on Nov 25, 2004
Grim....come back! We miss ya!