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ShoZan = Xiozan if someone did not know that already
Published on November 10, 2004 By Grim Xiozan In Blogging
Yes, people who have visited my blog may have noticed that I have not been keeping up with my fictional writing, not that the spirit is not there but the will has left me at the moment.

I am currently in college, taking Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy classes that require me to type/write a lot, so the will to write my fictional writings has left me at the moment but I will attempt an endeavor at writing some fictional stories over the X-mas Break even if I have to drag myself through it to do so.

Some people are concerned over my "weird" blogs though to tell the truth if most people don't know by now compared to "normal" people I am weird but than again so was/is Edgar Allen Poe, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, etc.

Doctor Insane Love was done in dancing fun and with the capacity to place oneself in another's role such as the role of lunatic, which there are a lot serious lunatics on JU at the moment. I thought why can't there be a non-serious lunatic who loves to dance, and so I first worked on the Mental Warfare post. It involves a style of writing I am still working on and needs a lot of perfection before I can seriously considered it as a complete system of "mental staining" or argumentative writing.
Doctor Insane Love was done using the bastardized system of the Mental Warfare in a humorous Dancing post. Whether people find it funny or not, I don't care...scratch that I only care if you found it funny.

Some may be worried over my writings about the occult or other paranormal stuff, well I am an occultist and I search for paranormal though I believe in the former and search for proof for the latter.

Do you know my number one post is still the one about Fahrenheit 9/11 and Fahrenhype 9/11 coming out on DVD?

Must I seek to open a can of worms to get responses to my post?

I notice some just selected but did not comment on my War is neither right nor wrong posts because it destroys their assumption that war can be defined as right or wrong if they truly have an "open mind" or just one that can think in the terms of Philosophical understanding.

Liberty, Individual Rights, and the TRUE American Way was a post that was more geared to my stances on policies that coincided with the Libertarian Party and as such was my first Libertarian Party post, which I think I put that in the sub title.

Can't think of anything else to write at the moment and I need to get my Philosophy assignment done.

Any questions for myself go ahead and ask, I will answer to the best of my knowledge.
Any questions at all...after all I hope to clear up misconceptions about myself than let them grow.

Grim Xiozan Plinko

on Nov 10, 2004
Hey, I have a question: Doesn't it get tiresome having to explain yourself?

Oh...sorry...that's just a rhetorical question.
on Nov 10, 2004
Tiring indeed but if one quits the fight I believe that would be worse than continuing the fight.

Ah, oh well.

on Nov 11, 2004
What color is your hair?
on Nov 11, 2004
What color is your hair?

My hair is a dark brown but when it is has gel or watered down it looks black.
on Nov 11, 2004
What absolutely no further questions from the inquisitive audience?

No partisans who want to question my political philosophy on anything?

No religious zealots who want to condemn me for being a Occultist?

Ah well, guess they are not interested so this means they may have finally gotten past the inquisitive phase with myself.
on Nov 11, 2004
What is your name?

What is your task?

What is your favorite color?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. In all reality, what is your view on corporal punishment in the home?


on Nov 11, 2004
What is your name?

Erik Stebbins

What is your task?

Whatever I want it to be, right now it is typing a reply and soon it will be watching some Anime after that some studying, than some sleeping...

What is your favorite color?

Dark Blue which is weird since most Goths only like Black, but I would than say Black is a close second and is worn as often as blue.

what is your view on corporal punishment in the home?

In an S&M relationship or as in a parent-teacher relationship?
In the latter only if the child understands the meaning of the punishment and the punishment is consistent with rules can it work.
Also cannot be done in anger. Just some stuff I learned from Psychology.


I prefer Plinko.

Erik is Kire backwards.