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Grim the damn man with a plan
Published on October 31, 2004 By Grim Xiozan In Blogging

Anarchy, Fascism, and Communism

To which group do you think I belong to or belonged to? (Hint: First Choice)

    Yes, I was an anarchist but currently am not one even though I like some of philosophy behind Libertarian Anarchism (a whole different breed than Traditional Anarchism).
  I was an anarchist in thought and word during my teen years along with being a person of ill-repute on the internet (not in a sexual way but in pir8 kind of way). The thing is people grow out of phases in their life and I grew out of the Anarchist mindset, seeing as it is much more logical and reasonable to reform the establishment than to do away with it replacing it with nothing. Though some of more former Anarchist friends now support the DNC agenda and denounce/trounce the RNC for any action it takes. Goes against all Anarchist belief and logic to support one form of establishment against another form establishment when both are the SAME establishment, right?

Some of them have taken Fascist ideals into their brainpan as well. Don't believe me? Seriously, you don't believe me? Than where have you been?

They promote their race of like minded thinkers above the authority of their opponents for a authoritarian agenda, if that is NOT fascism than I don't know what is. 

 Look up the definition of fascism and you realize that it is not solely an affair that only members of the RNC or the "right" engage in but exists on both sides who are struggling for power but will unite to keep any other party OUT of power. Though the DNC is worse with that mindset than the RNC (DNC trying to block Nader ballots while the RNC is doing nothing to block Badnarik ballots).

Well those third parties should run for Congress and the Senate before running for President!! A two-party myth excuse I hear all too often, but contrary to their belief the Libertarian Party and Green Party have people running in several states for all levels of State Government and Federal Government. In my state (Indiana) we have Gividen a LP Governor candidate plus some others who are running for State and one running for the Federal House seat.

I digress, since I have already mentioned Anarchism and Fascism it only leaves Communism.

Communism, well watching Sea Lab 2021 reminded of the saying "Communism has been proven to replace the government with a government more oppressive on the proletariat than the bourgeoisie it vilifies" (something along those lines).

Communism does not work and will never work because it puts too much power into the hands of such few individuals with no means to check and balance those powers.

So, what is Grim now?

Grim is a man with a plan for WORLD DOMINATION, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Sorry I have been playing the wonderful PC game Evil Genius too much!!)

Anyways, Grim prefers reform and to look at things with a logical and patient sort of view instead an counter-oppressive oppressive view that many Anarchists know now share.
Oppression in any form is still oppression, same goes with racism, extremism, etc.

I think I have taken up enough of your time, so I bid you a happy Halloween, Samhain, Harvest Festival, Dia de Los Muertos (If I left out your choice tell me and I will add it for future reference).

Pope Grimmy Grim Grimster X the 49th

Fascist Communist Anarchistic Plinko!!

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on Nov 01, 2004
I had no idea you thought that way, Grim.

Hmm, interesting stuff.

Not Grim Grim