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Hit'em High and Lay'em Low
Published on September 19, 2004 By ShoZan In Blogging
Well some sad news first if you are waiting on my revision of Dream (Title WIP) than I am going to have to say you will need to wait sometime next weekend to see the revision because I have so much school work that needs to be done this week.

On the happy side I am going to post all of my story ideas so far, tell me which ones sound interesting or something like that.

So without further delay some of my story ideas:

Xiozan T. Black (Series) | Science-Fiction
- The stories of the crown prince of the clear obsidian throne of the Octavian Royal Empire, a member of the United Federation Alliance. A universe, wherein lives two enemies locked in combat for the fate of their universe: the United Federation Alliance and it’s military the United Federation Alliance Force against the Death Confederation. Story is seen through Xiozan’s eyes, as he witnesses the first battles against the Death Confederation, his training, his first battle as a soldier, his first command, his wife, his command of the UFA Force, his punishment and exile, his return, and the final battles against the Death Confederation. He has also been bond with another being the living embodiment of all destruction known only as the destroyer.

Arc of Descension | Science Fiction
- A hero descends from good into evil, and how his adventures re-shape his universe.

Malleus Malleficarum | Supernatural
- A three thousand year war between vampires, werewolves, Wiccans, and occultists, runs into an unexpected snag, Malleus Malleficarum, a supernatural being bent on destroying all of them and controlling humanity.

Reaper Knights: Journey through Heaven and Hell | Fiction
- A group of six people, recruited by the Grimm Reaper, are sent after targets that have cheated death, or needed to be wiped from existence.

The Vampiric Horde | Supernatural
- Vampire tales revolving around the horde and other groups of vampires

Abomination | Horror
- Tale about the black mass, it’s hunger, it’s servant and victims

Sikoben (Series or Mini-Series) | Science-Fiction
- Max Kobis and the giant robot he pilots whose name is ancient for “Destroyer” Battles evil undead overlord and a force of Chaos/Order who enslaves. Two incarnations of the Godbots appear with each force, Nebokis (“The Builder”), Tet-Kalos (“False Order”)

Sikoben: Blood Omen
- Sikoben takes on another incarnation of the Godbots, Brumak (“Blood Omen”)

Changeling | Crime / Science Fiction
- Crime drama deals with human and extraterrestrial relationships, xenophobia, etc.

Warrior for Hire | Comedy
- Unemployed Warrior in a time of peace, seeking employment

War of Man | Science Fiction
- Alternate reality of current events and how one super soldier deals with the situation.

A Soldier’s Chronicle | War Fiction
- The future of the war shown through a new type squad’s eyes and lives.

Time Rocket | Science Fiction
- A programmer builds a program capable of traveling through time, and goes forward in time to save, and ultimately become one of the futures of humanity.

Evolved | Science Fiction
- Evolution versus Homeostasis in a battle for the future of their race.

War Angels | Supernatural
- About the battle between the Angels of War and the demons from the first universe, the God Killers, as their war wages across time and planets, to the end.

Crystal Protector | Supernatural
- One being is designated to guard over the crystals, which are the embodiments of a god’s essence, each crystal representing a different power, when a crystal is destroyed that power is destroyed, example Crystal of Green Tree Frogs is destroyed, all green tree frogs are destroyed, but a destroyed crystal can be resurrected if another crystal is sacrificed in it’s place.

Bladed Kross (Spin-off Fiction of Xiozan’s Universe) | Science Fiction
- Story of Entak Darkenus, the Bladed Kross; first book should cover his beginnings and up until the battle against Lord Valcron.

Super C.O.P.S. | Cop / Science Fiction
- New city with the latest in law enforcement, police officers augmented with the Cybernetic Operational Protective Suit, C.O.P.S. making their police core into the Super C.O.P.S., the evolution of law enforcement and the super criminals they have to deal with.

Amoeba | Horror
- Amoebas from a time immemorial break free from an old mine and devour all living things in their path, up to a scientist, actor, etc. to stop them.

Supernatural Slayer | Horror / Supernatural
- Follows the exploits of the world famous supernatural slayer and his use of his powers, which in turn are supernatural.

Demon Killer | Supernatural
- The tale of a demon ordered by the council of demons to destroys other demons that step out of line.

Zodiac Dungeon | Horror / Comedy
- An ancient Chinese hero is resurrected into a new form to help a sister reunite with her sister, twisted and funny, action and horror, sex and violence, etc.

Secret Societies | Biographical Fiction
- Chronicles about the different societies that remain hidden from society but also control and affect it very much.

The Superfluous Story of Tinias Figpen | Strange
- The tale of Tinias Figpen, that no one wanted or cared to know, his misadventures in adventuring with his buddy, Bifford, a dog-headed lion. Plus the inner-story of LeeHo, wonder shaman Amazon princess, and her trials to be champion wonder shaman Amazon princess. Plus the inner inner-story of Flaxio the Super Fast Dimwitted Herring.

Battle Helix | Science Fiction
- A scientist develops a new soldier one made from the battle helix, human DNA crossed with Machine DNA. He leaves with the original eleven the government he worked for and goes into seclusion. The government creates twelve new ones, deadlier and more psychotic. Now it’s up to the Original Eleven and the scientist to stop the new creations, before the new creations cause more havoc on the world.

Fighting an Ancient Enemy | Science Fiction
- Modern day humans must fight against an ancient alien race that wants to wipe humans from the earth.

Assassin Next | Action, and Sci-fi
- A highly skilled hitman who was a former rich personage ends up being tracked and attacked by a team of highly skilled military assassins who are after him. He must either evade or kill them as he makes his way to his next target. As with any highly skilled hitman, he uses disguises and such to move around and attack. The military assassins even grab the hitman’s friend in an attempt to lure him in. It’s a no-holds barred fight, as the hitman must battle against this squad for his very own survival.

Elegant Assassin | Action, and Sci-Fi
- A squad who wishes to influence him in political decisions and to gain control of his government is threatening a dignitary and his wife. The Assassin returns to help another friend of his against this new squad. Although there is a twist, it’s a race against time, distances, and this squad has a few tricks up their sleeves. Has the Assassin met his match or will he defeat this squad in time?

Bloop Beep Boop: A Robot Love Story | Strange
- Against their programming, two robots fall in love, and sparks fly, literally. It also includes an inner story of Tinias Figpen and his adventure in the land of Mo-Mo.

Survive | Action, and Sci-Fi
- A group of survivors, who survived an attack from an nuclear holocaust, survive together, in a world where each day is a struggle to live.

Uncertain Future | Sci-fi and Horror
- Four unique individuals battle against the undead and andriods for the future of humanity after a World War. The battles take place in the city of Pathmos, a city high in the sky which is built upon the ruins of Athens.

So, basically all ideas are kept short and to the point, mostly written for my memory and ideas.

That's all for today!

Deathly Yours,
Lord Xiozan (Sho-Zan)

on Sep 19, 2004
Wow, You really got a lot of ideas. Myself, not so much. One will always hit me when there isn't a pen or paper in sight and by the time I finally find it, I've forgotten the idea.