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Propisiton for a day in which we look back at famous gravediggers...
Published on September 8, 2004 By ShoZan In Blogging
Came up with this idea whilst responding to a thread about Jebus Day.

For those who don't know Jebus, I know he lives in a trailer park down off I-40 right across from Big Boy's and he is the son of Gawd Darnit.

This is a proposition for a day in which we look back at famous gravediggers, celebrate their lives and contributions, than dig them up so they can celebrate also.
Thus the name for the day is Gravedigger's Day.

We could wear costumes, dressing up as our favorite gravediggers, with trademark shovels, and have some general fun and festivities celebrating the occupation that is Grave digging, a key note on one rule for Gravedigger's Day is that there will be no Grave robbing on Gravedigger's Day, because Grave robbing will be on a Graverobber's Day not Gravedigger's Day.

So, once lists and biographies are put together on our favorite Gravediggers, we can than compile it and than work on submitting it to our perspective local governments to get the day on the Calendar, I suggest some time in Fall, but before the Winter Chill sets in, because the Gravedigger bodies might be more susceptible to falling apart in the colder weather, and we don't want celebrants to catch their death of cold,

So comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and remember to start working on the biographies of your favorite Gravedigger, and what he/she wore and used to dig graves.

on Sep 08, 2004
UPDATE: I will post more ideas and other criteria for the day when I think of it.