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Published on September 7, 2004 By ShoZan In Blogging
Well in an effort to be more a blogger, I thought first more information should be known about me.

What's in a name?

Most people probably think it is just something crazy and just nothing more than a weird name, why would he (yes I am a he) choose such an name.

Well there's a story behind it and I will tell a little bit of it now.

ShoZan is derived from the pronounciation of my oldest and most often used nick, a nick that I can trace back to using in at least '92 when I first could use a handle anywhere that nick being Xiozan.

Now Xiozan comes from a science fiction story and idea of my own personal creation. Xiozan Black is the Crown Prince of the Octavian Empire, an Empire that exists in a universe far from Earth, an empire at war with a great foe. Basically when I get around to it, I will flesh out more about the whole saga of Xiozan and the rest, including some characters who have stories in their own right but are a spinoff of Xiozan's universe.

So in summary ShoZan comes from the pronounciaition of the word Xiozan a sci-fi charatter of my own creation.

Who is this man with the nick of ShoZan?

Well a little about myself is that my name is Erik. I am 23 years old and currently a College Student majoring in English (haven't decided what exact specfic course in English yet). I am a male, yes if I hadn't said it before, I am a Gnostic, let's see I love the cultures of Germany, Puerto Rico, Britain, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, pretty much the reason why my goal is to teach English abroad while learning a foreign language and that country's culture. I try to be harsh and mean towards people, but in the end I guess I can't because I am too sensitive and caring, but I am not about to cry on YOUR DAMN SHOULDER!!!!
My favorite genre in movies are Science-Fiction, what can I say Sci-Fi is fun for me.
I am Goth, but I try to keep from falling into the stereotype, and even though I like night better I do go out in the light and I don't burn, probably because I am half Puerto Rican.

Favortie Food: Sushi, Chimichanga, Supreme Pizza, Steak, Barbecue, Hickory, Mesquite, Kim-chee, Bratwurst, Fish and Chips, well I could probably go on all day so I end it here.

Likes: Cartoons (From American to Japanese and everything inbetween if they are a good cartoon), War Movies (Patton, Longest Day, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Das Boot), Horror (Ringu, the Phone, Eye, etc. something that is eery and scary less popup and boo.), Asian Cinema (should have been obvious from the horror titles), Independent Films (but not the ones that are extremely dull), Comedy, some Action movies, Laibach, Industrial Music, some Japanese Music (even tradtional music), Classical (Brahms, Beethoven, etc.)
Classic Rock, Punk (Real Punk not pop punk so if you start yelling at me that Good Charlotte and the rest are not pop punk than I am not going to even qualify that with a response), Goth Music (Probably because I am a Goth, though I don't go out and boldy claim I am) as for what bands: Lacuna Coil, Collide, Die Form (awesome), Within Temptation, Xandria, Tristania, Sins of thy Beloved, Nightwish, and sort of like Bauhaus's later work, Power Metal (i.e. Helloween, Rhapsody, Elvenking, HammerFall, Bal-Sagoth even if they are a little more black metal, Dragonforce.) Psychobilly (Reverend Horton Heat, The Cramps, Nekromantix, Space Cadets) and some other good music, like Miles Davis's Bitches Brew (awesome record) Digital Hardcore (Panic DHH and Atari Teenage Riot also Alec Empire's Solo work) techno (Basement Jaxx, Prodigy, Photek, FSOL, Chem Brothers, Fluke) Well I think that's it for likes now.

Dislikes: POP MUSIC (from Pop rap to Pop punk to pop pop, no pop music, exception is Ayumi Hamasaki, and Koda Kumi), misinformed hecklers, human robots, idiot savants, and typing this damn get to know shozan blog (just kidding or am I?)

Well I think I have typed enough for Get to know the Shozan one, if people have some more questions I will take those on board when I do Get to Know the Shozan 2 : The Terror of the Undead Furry Little Hamsters.

P.S. I was just kidding about hating to type this.
PPS or was I???

on Sep 07, 2004
Hey hey!
About time you posted and let us know how strange you really are!
Even though he said he quit touring check out some Mojo Nixon for strange psycho-billy.
I think he and the Rev HH are buds. Mojo used him on the soundtrack for Redneck Rampage. (the video game.)